Vernal grove
akryl, canvas, 100x100 cm. 2010.
Insidious Water
oil, canvas, 70x70 cm. 2008.
Snow dam
oil on wood-fibre 80x92 cm. 1998.
oil on wood-fibre 80x90 cm. 1998.
oil on wood-fibre 90x100 cm. 1998.
Begins with the storm
akril, canvas, 100x70 cm.
On the way home in the morning,
90x70 cm. akryl, canvas, 2009.
Icy landscape

oil on wood-fibre 60x70 cm. 2008.
Evening Walk

oil, canvas, 60x50 cm. 2008.
After bathing
akryl, 70x60 cm. 2009.
Snowy stacks in nightfall

akryl on wood-fibre60x70 cm. 2009.
Kalotaszeg after Rain

oil, cavas, 50x60 cm. 2008.
Girl sleeping on a field

akryl, canvas, 90x70, 2008.
Migrant Bird

oil on wood-fibre 70x50 cm. 2008.
Wooden crosses in the cemetery

oil on wood-fibre, 100x100 cm. 1998.
Black angel

akryl, canvas
80x70 cm. 2008.

oil, canvas, 70x70 cm. 2008.
Sneaker in the Dusk

oil, canvas, 60x50 cm. 2008.
Waterfall with a bridge

oil, canvas, 70x70 cm. 2008.
The amási is waiting in nightfall

akrylon wood-fibre 60x50 cm. 2010.
Historical periods

olaj, wood-fibre, 80x70 cm.
Last gate

oil on wood-fibre 90x70 cm. 2006.
The angel protects the nature

akryl, canvas, 160x370 cm. 2009.
Good old Rembrandt should have seen it

oil, canvas, 70x70 cm. 2008.