Curriculum vitae

I am the member of MAOE, The Ajtósi Dürer Association of Graphic Artists, the Art Colonby of Szolnok, The Art Colony of Zsobok, Bálványos, Mezőmadaras, Nagypetri (Transylvania), and several other international art colony.I earned my degrees in Debrecen in 1965, and in the Faculty of Arts in the Eötvös Lóránt University in Budapest in 1972. I have been appeared regularly in collective exhibitions and in one-man shows since 1965.

I was concerned only with graphic art for two decades. I have started to paint regularly in 1995, since then I have presented myself in several national and international exhibitions with my paintings.






I. prize in painting and III. prize in graphic art on the competition of the universities and colleges of Debrecen
National "Creative Youth" Competition, III. prize for my graphic serial
Honour for the Socialist Culture
1997, 2001
and 2006  I got the creator scholarship of the "For the Culture of     Debrecen" Foundation
I got a standard prize for my paintings in the County Fall Exhibition in Debrecen
Standard prize in the National Art Colony of Vaja
, The Ministry of Defense tender art I. Fee
, The Spring Art Show Award of Debrecen
2012. Holló László prizes
2017. The Spring Art Show Award of Debrecen
2018 Silver Rectangular International Exhibition Award